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Hi there, I am using TYPO3

As a student of philosophy and political science I was not very much into programming or even computers when I left the university with my graduate degree back then. But that didn't stop me from making first contact with TYPO3 in 2012 when it was introduced to me as a powerful tool to build websites. What was more of a hobby until then (HTML tables ftw. Seriously, how awesome is valign?) became a proffesion at Lightwerk in Stuttgart who gave me the chance to gain experience in the TYPO3 world. I wrote some pretty bad code, made my first extensions and learned something every day. Most of the time the things I learned unmasked my previous approaches as completely dilettantism. But hey, at least I was good looking...

So I trial and errored my way up, learned the whole web stuff (at least some of it) and always admired the people who seemed to know it all and who were always willing to share their knowledge. And even if they weren't exactly willing (as in "You again? You annoying knowledge vaccuum...") they did it anyway. After an eternity of being nothing but the receiver in regards of knowledge transfer there finally came the day when I could explain something to someone else. And boy, I felt like a rockstar (and almost useful). "Inspiring people to share" - I am 100% into that idea. And sharing is even more fun if you have something to share. So I kept on improving things and when I became less and less annoying for my colleagues I began looking for a new group of people to whom I could appear as a complete noob again. Thank god the TYPO3 core team existed. :)

My first "patch" to the TYPO3 core was very exiting which maybe sounds a bit odd but is true nevertheless. Since then I visited many TYPO3 events and contributed more to the project. I was even allowed to spend one day of my worktime each week exclusively for the TYPO3 core for half a year, which was a great thing. After switching agencies to b13 ( and by that joining the astonishing Benni Mack and his team, I became a TYPO3 framework merger (related news on So it has been a great journey so far and I am curious what's next.

At some point I felt what was missing was a place where I could share some how-tos and things I considered clever or helpful with the world.

And that is this site.

Are you looking for someone to do a TYPO3 project for you?

First of all: that's great. I think TYPO3 is a good choice most of the time.

But please dont ask me directly if I could do your project for you or if I can do an estimation for you. Please contact my awesome employer over at instead.

You are in good hands there.

... and I am doing other stuff as well

If you are interested in crossgolf or in LARP in a reality setting in the 20s or 50s in the USA you might want to have a look on one of the following sites (only available in german, though).


Daniel Goerz
10435 Berlin


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